Editorial principles of the journal “Pedagogical Education in Russia”

1. Accessibility of information. The scientific journal is the open platform for discussion of the current state of affairs and perspectives of development in such important social sphere as education. The goal of involvement of the representatives of educational community to scientific and pedagogical creative work can be reached with the help of information technologies

2. Efficiency of information. The scientific journal provides information for specialists and people interested in the results of research work, important processes in education, in the content of the normative acts issued by the government and Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, conceptual and methodological approaches worked out by the RussianAcademy of Education.

3. Impartiality and independence. The editorial board provides high-quality and independent expertise of the materials submitted. The opinion of the authors does not necessarily reflect the point of view of the editorial board. Personal views of editors, experts of the journal should remain outside the framework of finished materials.

4. Objectivity, authenticity and accuracy of the information. The journal provides objective, authentic and accurate information based on the facts from the trustworthy sources with the distinct differentiation between facts and comments.

5. Pluralism of opinions. The journal covers the problems of the educational system, gives different opinions important for the topic covered, it strives to justice and openness and expression of the most important views in the analysis of the trend and conflict of opinions. All the parties involved in discussion of the vexed questions have equal rights to express their view.

6. Diversity of topics and the principle of equality. The journal offers a wide range of topics without any preference in all the territory of the Russian Federation in the interests of all the population with regard to ethnic, national and cultural diversity of the country.

7. Responsibility to the readers. The editorial board of the scientific journal bears full responsibility to the pedagogical audience for the content of the published articles and feedback to the authors of the articles.


Topics covered in the journal:

1. Guest Author
2. History of Education
3. Education Strategies
4. Philosophy of Education
5. Theory of Education (basic terms and notions)
6. Management and Economics of Education
7. Pedagogical Statistics
8. Preschool Education
9. School Education
10. Professional Education
11. Pedagogical Education
12. Psycho-pedagogical Education
13. Inclusive Education
14. Supplementary Education
15. Reviews