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Ключевые слова: Политическое интервью, нейтралитет, провоцировать, задавать вопросы, враждебность, политическая идеология
Abstract: The main aim of this paper is to analyze the discursive strategies used by interviewers in order to cope with a schizophrenic situation in which they are expected to be both professionally neutral and skillfully provocative. Studies were carried out on two specific interviewers: Mr. David Frost and Mr. Jeremy Vine. They interviewed four people with different political ideologies: a Conservative MP (Ms. Theresa May), the Labour PM (Mr. Tony Blair), a UK Independence Party MP (Mr. Robert Kilroy-Silk), and a Liberal Democrat MP (Mr. Charles Kennedy). The analysis revealed that Mr. Vine and Mr. Frost deployed six main types of strategies: contradictions, if-clauses, footing shift, disagreements, statements proposing that the politician’s policies are misguided, and dangerous presuppositions

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