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Аннотация: Представлена философская концепция Эйн Рэнд, формировавшаяся на ее личном восприятии советской идеологии, точнее, субстрата «идеология коллективизма», синонимичного, по мнению писательницы, диктатуре и препятствующей развитию личности. В романах Эйн Рэнд утверждается значимость индивидуальности, права выбора и самореализации, а тем самым и самоуважения, — всего того, что не может раскрыться в обществе с идеологией коллективизма
Ключевые слова: (лингвокультурный) субстрат; индивидуальность; личность; право выбора; идеология
Abstract: The paper is focused on the philosophical fiction of a Russian immigrant writer Ayn Rand, a creator of one of the most influential philosophical concepts of our time in the USA. She is for the development of individual rights for the sake of a human being not for the sake of the state. Substrate “collectivism ideology” is the embodiment of the state, dictatorship and is against a human being as it deprives a per-sonality of the right to choose. Unknown to the readers in her mother country for so many years she is now one of the most controversial writers in Russia. Both the younger generation, who do not know much about Soviet ideals, and business people, entrepreneurs share her view on the relation of a human being and the state while others are convinced that she just hates communism. I argue that her books are not about hatred but about love of individual rights, self-respect and freedom to choose
Key words: substrate; ideology; individualism; a human being; the right to choose

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