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Abstract: Anthropocentric Linguistics focuses its attention on the problems of correlation of language and a person on the on hand and of language and culture on the other hand. Lingual cultural concept is considered to be the main item of Cultural Linguistics. Though lingual cultural concepts correlate with notions they contain not only logical but also emotive components. Dealing with phenomenon of a person in language scientists realized the importance of investigations connected with a lingual personality. Linguistic cultural description of lingual personalities presents them as a generalized cultural personality types recognized by all bearers of a certain culture. Many different means of communication appeared in our life during the last years. Nowadays electronic communication plays an important role in the process of human intercourse becoming not only a changed channel of information transmission but a specific cultural and lingual environment. This new specific environment forms a new type of culture which is based on its new values. This article presents an analysis of one net cultural personality types – «hacker». The viewed cultural personality type seems the brightest one among the others which can be distinguished in net culture: programmer, admin, moderator, lamer, newbie, chatter, flooder, spammer and «padonak». The most interesting thing which can attract a researcher’s attention is a specific contradiction between the essential constituents of the discussed cultural personality type

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