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Abstract: The article touches upon the problem of precedent phenomena as discursive signs of a society’s mythology in the political communication. The source sphere of the phenomena in question is the genre of “action” of Hollywood cinema. It arises no doubts that Hollywood is the chief architect of American mythology and of “American Dream” in particular. As long as the Hollywood myths are extremely popular in the USA and throughout the world, most of the countries experience strong influence of American culture. The sphere of action films is the most active source of precedent phenomena for political communication because it is based on the main myths of Hollywood – the myth of a strong lonely hero and of a hero’s “war” with his opponents, which are also central political myths of any national culture. The author analyses features of use of precedent phenomena in political texts of German print media. As the author puts it, precedent name holds central position among all types of precedent phenomena as a way of reference to a hero’s image most frequently used. The characteristics of a hero’s speech and conduct as well as of the situations a hero finds himself in, however, are considered to be constituents of his image, because a mythological hero lives, talks and acts in the way closely connected with what he semantically represents. Not only are the mythological plots related to a hero, they directly constitute a hero’s semantic form

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